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About Mitchell

A child of post war fifties, Mitchell was born in the central California town of Exeter.  When Mitchell was a year old he was diagnosed with the polio virus. His left leg remained paralyzed after the virus had run its course. This would change everything going forward.  He spent a lot of time inside and music became a release for him. His early music influences came from listening to the radio in his mother’s kitchen.  Mostly Pop and Country songs of the day.  Story songs like “El Paso”or “North to Alaska” and love songs like “Sweet Dreams” and “True Loves Way” were always favorites.  I was always just a listener of music until that night in February 1964 when a band from Liverpool changed everything.  I wanted to play music after that.   I like to tell stories that either relate to my experiences or subjects that move me.  Mitchell and his wife Jacque live in Northern Virginia.

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