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Trying to find Inspiration

The last year has been difficult for two reasons. - COVID-19 (of course!) - Losing my best friend, Randy, to cancer Both of these pretty much drained my drive to create new music. Like most of us, I spent the year in survival mode. Randy died right before the pandemic hit. He was diagnosed just weeks before he died. Unable to travel, I didn’t get a chance to grieve or say goodbye. He was the reason I got into writing songs. For nearly fifty years we either co-wrote songs or used each other as a sounding board for ideas. We talked constantly about music. I miss that everyday.

Here we are in our early days.

I put this website together to force me to think about music and what is means to me. It helped me to realize that I write songs and record them for selfish reasons. I do it for me. It’s a way that I can freely express my emotions. Songs about love, loss, injustice, or experience are my way of understanding and coping with the world I live in. It also helps me to realize that I have so many good things in my life too. I can say, with no hesitation, that I would not be here if Jacque wasn’t in my life. She is the greatest inspiration in the songs I write. When I was struggling with mental and physical collapse she provided the best advice. “It is what it is”. In other words, we can get through this together. I am grateful everyday that she is in my life.

This website is for me and you. We all can learn from each others experiences. Bad or good. Thanks, Mitch

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